iDDNA® is the exclusive personalized health and wellness management service designed to give users control over their own health. We empower people to leverage the data of their own genetics to live their best life yet.

Inspired by a profound dissatisfaction with the standardized products that manufacturers force consumers to buy, founder Omar Fogliadini wanted to create science-grounded, smart solutions that speak the consumer’s language. He endeavored to to explore the boundaries of life science, personalization and smart technologies to manage aging by working closely with the best scientists, geneticists and experts worldwide.

A personal struggle became an obsession: All around him, his friends and family dealt with the confusion and frustration of trying to understand what was fact and what was a fad in the world of age management. With no obvious solution available, Omar set out to create his own. But the data was overwhelming. So Omar and his team made it their mission to leverage life science to create meaningful lifestyle connections from DNA, something the average healthcare professional isn't equipped to do.


Driven by the belief that technology has the power to make our lives simple, Omar became obsessed with delivering unprecedented performance and keeping the consumer in control of their experience with simple, meaningful solutions. All to make healthy living without pills possible.


In 2015 he partnered with leading names in the luxury and lifestyle industry to embark on this deeply personal project - distinctly different from anything that had been done previously. The first to believe in iDDNA® personalized lifestyle solutions was Giovanni Domenichini, a former entrepreneur at this time shareholder of Moncler and Eataly, together with Tamburi Investment Partners, a leading merchant bank behind the success of well-known fashion and lifestyle brands. Sales of the first proof of concept started in October 2015, pairing new life science technologies and high-performance active ingredients in superior concentrations and unprecedented bespoke formulas to set a new standard in luxury wellness solutions.


In 2017 the company was finally incorporated in the UK as Suisse Life Science Group plc. My iDDNA® (the proof of concept) has become digital biological intelligence applied to our daily life. Technology that knows us and helps us living better. From a product concept to a genomic intelligence platform technology to help professionals and consumers getting from DNA so may insights that no doctor could ever told them, a sort of "Google" for your health & wellness, so personal that she follows the different stages of your life from the Children edition for your kids to the Senior for older adults. In February 2018, Scienceof[DNA]f(x)™ — the technology enabling my iDDNA® — is rolling out its enterprise solution pre-launch, with the new digital health, connected lifestyle features before taking over the world.

If you want to take control of your health, who better to partner with than somebody who has already gone through your struggle? We started iDDNA® to create smart, simple solutions to enrich our life experiences.

We hope we helped you make smart choices about your health, your life, and your family.