More than just a technology, iDDNA® is part of a legacy. The exclusive, superior personalized health and wellness management service for world’s busiest and most successful people was initially developed by life science visionary Omar Fogliadini in one of the biggest European cosmetic & regenerative medicine clinics group.

Inspired by a profound dissatisfaction with the standardized products that manufacturers force consumers to buy, Omar always wanted to make available science-grounded, smart solutions speaking the consumer's language. He decided to explore himself the boundaries of life science and personalization to manage aging by working closely with the best scientists, geneticists and experts worldwide.

A personal struggle that became an obsession. While looking for cosmetic surgery alternatives and introducing the latest technologies in his own clinics, Omar was first introduced to DNA tests and a plethora of anti-aging devices and nutritional supplements that claimed to improve his life. He quickly got fed up with products that seemed to promote quick fixes, pushed confusing information and offered dubious promises. Walking into most part of professionals or retailers was a frustrating experience for anyone who had not spent meaningful time educating themselves to understand the best mix of products suited for their individual set of goals and needs. All around him, his friends and family dealt with the confusion and frustration from trying to understand what was fact and what was a fad in the world of age management. With no obvious solution available, Omar set out to create his own.


iDDNA® technology was first started in 2008 and came to a pre-market population study in 2014. Obsessed with delivering unprecedented performance and keeping the consumer in control of her aging experience with simple, meaningful solutions, Omar ensured that the iDDNA® technology underwent quarterly upgrades to integrate the latest innovations and maintain the best customer experience.


In 2015 he united with leading names in the luxury and lifestyle industry to embark on this deeply personal project - distinctly different from anything they had done previously. The first to believe in iDDNA® lifestyle solutions has been Giovanni Domenichini, at this time shareholder of Moncler and Eataly, together with Tamburi Investment Partners, a leading merchant bank behind the success of well-known fashion and lifestyle industry blockbusters.
Sales started in September 2015, pairing new life science technologies and high-performance active ingredients in superior concentrations and unprecedented bespoke formulas to set a new standard in luxury wellness solutions.

When you want to get rid of guesswork, you better listen to somebody that already gone through your same struggle. We started iDDNA® because we wanted simple solutions to enrich our life experience.

iDDNA® is not a product because it lives from self-experimentation with an adaptive approach driven by genuine feedbacks by each, sophisticated early adopter that we want to thank publicly here, as they are part of our story.

We hope we helped you making smart choices about your health, your life, and your family.



Suisse Life Science proudly privileges young women on our multinational team. The list below mentions all the people who are having – or had – an impact on iDDNA®.