Dr. Birep Aygün
Dr. Birep Aygün is a biotechnology and genomics specialist, former Head Senior Investigator at the European Commission DG JRC Institute for Health and Consumer Protection-Molecular Biology and Genomics Unit. Her main duties included leading scientific research projects and contributing to the development and the implementation of scientific, technical and policy documents with regard to different applications of genetic testing. Her specific public policy areas were non invasive genetic testing for diagnostic and screening purposes and rare disease. Dr. Aygun is a keen supporter of the democratization of genome data and personalized medicine initiatives. She has been actively involved in the development, validation, and interpretation of genome based biomarkers for diagnostic, predisposition and screening genetic. Her research in molecular oncology is at the present ongoing at the Centro di Estudios Biosanitarios in Madrid.
Dr. Birep Aygün holds a Ph.D. in Biomolecular Sciences-Molecular Genetics from the University of Manchester and a Master's degree in Biotechnology from METU.