Getting Motivated to Write a Dissertation

If it`s summertime and you are filled with research and writing rather than relaxing, it becomes challenging to stay motivated. Staying motivated for a long-term project is not an easy task, especially when you feel that everyone else is on break.

What is the motivation for dissertation writing?

  • Write something every day

Have a plan or a schedule. It will help you aim for several words every day without fail. Giving yourself this target will keep you motivated; thus, slowly, you will see yourself finishing up section after section. Always back and edit, but often getting the words down is the hardest part. With time, you will see immense progress in your dissertation.

  • Plan your hours of working throughout the day

Doing a 10-hour session of your dissertation without a specific objective may seem very productive, but in reality, it isn’t. As an alternative, know what you want to accomplish in a session and for how long.

Tips for time management with dissertation writing are simple. If you want to accomplish a lot on a specific day, you may decide to have three or two sessions that day, keeping in mind what you want to achieve in those sessions. Working for long hours without an objective is a waste of time and energy. In most cases, you will not feel motivated because you have no target or goal.

  • Take a break/ engage in other things

In between your sessions, make sure you take a proper break. After the break, you will feel re-energized, and it will also boost your dissertation motivation. You can take a walk at the park if the weather is warm and friendly, chat with your friends, talk to your family members if you are writing your dissertation from home, cook something for yourself or watch just Netflix and chill for a moment before you get back for your subsequent sessions.

You feel better after doing any of those things. Your brain will have a chance to rest and not think about the dissertation for a moment. You won’t regret doing this.

  • Get study partners

Having a study partner will help you be more productive. You will be accountable to each other, and thus, this will keep you motivated and keep you going. In addition to this, your partner will be able to identify any mistake that you missed.

Get someone who is as committed to their dissertation as you. It will help you move faster whether you do it virtually or socially distanced, whatever the case, as long as it works for both of you.

  • Make a progress chart

When you don’t see any return on your hard work, it becomes one of the most demotivating things. The progress chart will help keep track of your efforts. It will show you how far you’ve come, where you’re heading, what you need to do, and areas you need more effort.

It is a visual reminder of where you’re heading. You can do all this by i.e., tick off a to-do list using something bright or colorful. Use whatever will make you feel motivated and give you a sense of progress.


When you follow all these motivation steps to write dissertation, then being motivated will not be a problem. You will be able to complete your dissertation even before time.

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