Writing Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day

The fifteen-minute rule is one of the best motivations and productive strategies for writing a dissertation. Bolker.J. (1998) recommends students write their dissertation for a minimum of 10 minutes every day if they are not going to buy dissertations online. With time, you should be able to expand it to writing your dissertation in 15 minutes a day and later to a more extended period. We recommend students stick to this schedule. That, no matter the circumstance writes for 10 minutes a day.

The fifteen minutes is somewhat arbitrary, but it is enough time to help you warm up to work on your dissertation.

Tips for writing a first-class dissertation

Making the transition from not being engaged to your dissertation to sitting down every day for 15 minutes to put words on a page, i.e., reading and analyzing data, is not easy. Most people find it significant to work on the part of the dissertation for fifteen minutes every day. With this strategy, the dissertation workload reduces. Within a few days, you will see that the transition has turned into a meaningful work session.

Here is how it works. Commit to working on any part of your dissertation for fifteen minutes. You can do this by setting a timer. If you decide today you want to write, don’t worry about the grammar, sentence structure, flow, or spelling. Write your ideas as the come in your head. Keep in mind that everything you’re putting down should be in line with your dissertation.

Write down everything that comes to your head, both the negative and the positive thoughts, but then try as much as possible to stay on task. When the time is up, stop and highlight what you feel is helpful and ignore the rest. If you still feel inspired after the fifteen minutes, then keep going.

Sometimes, students need several 15 minutes in a day to help them stay on course. It motivates them and keeps them energized throughout the day, thus leading to a productive work session.

No matter how inspired you were the previous night or the previous day, it won’t be the same when you wake up the following morning. You may wake up feeling tired. You might feel this way for hours or even days, and before you know it, you have completed little or no meaningful work. Remember, inspiration and motivation don’t come from inaction.

If this continues, it will put you at risk of becoming disengaged from your dissertation, making it harder for your next work session. The act of articulating, writing, making discoveries, analyzing data or sources, and connecting all these ideas will inspire and motivate you.

When you wake up and feel motivated and inspired, make sure to do more on that day because days are not the same. But if you wait for these days to happen to you every time, your dissertation will take a longer time. I suggest you commit to writing your dissertation in fifteen minutes a day.


When you stay connected to your dissertation, argument, intellectual, data, ideas, difficulties, what you have written, and what you hope to write regularly, you will finish your dissertation before the deadline is not a problem. Make sure you stick to the 15-minute rule.

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