Tips to Increase Your Writing Speed

Tips to Increase Your Writing Speed

Being a fast writer can give you an edge in your career. However, to write faster, you need a lot of practice. The more you write, the better you become. You must also keep in mind that practice alone is not enough. You need the right kind of tools and the right kind of practice to excel in writing. Let us look at the way you can make you write faster and better.

Evaluate your tools you use for writing

In most cases, the industry-standard tool is not always the best tool to write. A good example is the word processor. You need a tool that allows you to easily move around the document, which gives you the flexibility to write faster. Most people globally use MS word to write. However, it is not the best tool if you are looking to be a fast writer. There is a far superior tool such as Scrivener that performs much better and is flexible and gives excellent access to the writer. You could also use two or more tools to find them convenient in a specific section of your writing. 

Formulate a Database for yourself

You should treat writing the same way you cook. First, you prepare the ingredients and ensure that you have everything at hand before you start. So should be the case with writing. You need to gather all the content and required equipment. It will be much quicker putting the thing together when they are close to you rather than having to wake up every time to search for a particular item or research something. Do all the research, analysis, and thinking in advance so that when you start writing, everything will smoothly flow. The good thing is that computers these days have huge repository locations that you can store relevant information you can refer to when needed. Also, we have shared platforms such as Evernote, Google Drive, and Dropbox to store your document and easily access them remotely from any other computer or phone. 

Avoid perfectionist tendencies

Regardless of how fast you can write, there is always room to add a feed hundred words within the same time limit. However, to achieve this, you need to get rid of the perfectionist tendency. It is not easy ignoring all the errors and mistakes that might come up. An excellent way to get past this is to write everything you have first, then come back and do the revision later. Get all the ideas out of your head first, then fix them later. 

Play typing games

Even with the many writing tips available, you need to prepare your fingers to be in a position to type faster. You need to put your fingers through some typing practice, and the best way is to play some typing games. There are several games online that you can use to condition your fingers to fast typing. They will help you improve your typing speed and adjust to the default position that your hands can reach the entirety of the keyboard.

Get rid of distractions

Distractions will always throw you focus and slow you down. First, remove the distractions on your faces such as chat apps, emails, and browser windows. Put your phone far away from you or switch it off. Find a place that has less noise, with less human traffic. 

Find your best time

The improvement of your writing will depend on bother psychology and biology. You must find that time that you are most productive. Some individuals have their most productive hours early in the morning while others have heightened productivity towards evening hours or night. Experiment with different times in the day and establish what time segment fits you best. 

Seek good posture

 You need a good sitting position to work well. Avoid furniture that will get you exhausted quickly. Find a good position that allows you to focus on work alone and at the same time comfortable. Find a chair that has a straight back with a high table that brings the elbow to a right angle to the keyboard. You can also opt for a standing desk that will increase blood flow and energy.

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