Writing Guide To Unique Dissertation Topics

Writing guide to unique dissertation topics

Contrary to essay writing, dissertations are longer and give the writer a wide range of research themes. One is not told what to talk about but is left to dig deeper into the preferred topic and decide. It is advisable to choose a topic that one is diversely knowledgeable in and is passionate to thoroughly do their research, especially if it’s a final paper. One needs to understand how to choose a dissertation topic and have ideas on the subject selected. Below is a simplified guide on how to go about it.

How to choose a dissertation topic guide?

Consider the following before making a choice:

Inspirations and interests

Please choose a topic that has some inspirations as well as interests so that no matter how long it takes to complete, one is still motivated to keep writing. Working on an exciting topic will generate the zeal to keep going, and being something enjoyable, one will not tire.


Avoid choosing a common topic, but if need be, use a different approach in the research process to come up with new findings and views. It may result in one becoming an excellent researcher and an expert in their area as the uniqueness will stand out.

Be structural

Discuss facts and stick to the point to remain relevant. Introduce the topic, use academic sources to explain your points, and make a conclusion based on the entire write up. Argue objectively and, as the writer, make the position clear.


Don’t let the discussion take sides, especially when dealing with sensitive topics like religion or politics. The research should touch on both the negatives and the positives without any bias. Diversity should be fundamental to avoid leaning on one side.

Choose a dissertation topic wisely

The final work will only be as good as the chosen topic. Take time to select a heading that comes with facts and arguments. Use as many academic sources as possible to know whether the topic chosen can be supported or not. Being driven by passion, and one’s goal will also come in handy.

Characteristics of good dissertation topic

  • Open to discussion
  • Understandable and friendly for the audience to participate
  • Can be argued out and poses questions
  • Understandable and appropriate terminology
  • Relatable
  • Can be viewed in various forms

Speech Topic Lists

One has to take time, explore, and settle on the ideas that suit the subject he/she can handle. Below is a list of some topics and the possible subjects under them:

Law and criminal justice – Subjects covered here include frauds, juvenile cases, and education as well as strategies to prevent antisocial behaviors.

Education – Should tertiary education be free­, is it the higher population that easily accesses real special education.

Politics – This will mostly involve how different countries handle their politics and their effect.

Music and culture – It will dwell mainly on the different cultures and its impact and relationship between ethics code and music piracy or the relationship among mass culture and modern classical composers

Choosing a good topic does not mean the writing will be a walk in the park. One may still feel helpless with no idea how to proceed. The research may be tedious, and having no help forthcoming may be one of the things one is likely to encounter. Therefore, writers can do what they feel most attracted to so that when one feels discouraged, the topic’s passion will keep them going.

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